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Get a Stairlift That Fits Your Stairs

Your new stairlift from ADL- Advances For Daily Living will be attached to your wall rather than your staircase. This means that you won’t have the added expense of reinforcing your wall during the installation process.

A Wide Variety of Stairlifts

No matter what type of home you live in or health condition you have, rely on us to provide you with a stairlift that meets your needs. Our local, family-owned and operated business is patient oriented and will find a solution that works for you. Some of the stairlifts we offer include:
  • Perch, sit, or stand stairlifts
  • Outdoor stairlifts
  • Battery-powered stairlifts - no messy trailing cables and they will continue to work during power failures
  • Stairlifts with safety sensors - for a smooth start and stop (safety belts are a standard feature)
  • Camel lifting devices
  • Liftkar
      • 3 speed settings
      • Up to 18 steps per minute
      • Single-step mode and continuous mode
      • Climbs effortlessly with people weighing up to 160 kg
      • Independence thanks to mobile charger and quick-change battery pack
      • Leaves no marks on stairs or floors
      • Confident even on steep, spiral staircases
      • Intuitive control panel
      • For left- and right-handed operators
      • Lightweight construction
      • Switch between single-step mode and continuous mode on-the-move
      • Modular design: quick and easy to dismantle into 3 sections and re-assemble again
      • Stows away in boot of car no problem
      • Reliable step edge brakes
      • Electrical and mechanical overload protection
      • Ergonomic, non-slip and height-adjustable handle grips
      • Angle indicator for perfect balance during operation
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